Resource Help (Academic/Behavioral/Speech)

St. Michael School has several options available to provide support to those students experiencing academic, behavioral and speech difficulty.  Lincoln Public Schools resource teachers provide services to those students who are verified with an academic, behavioral or speech disability.  In addition, St. Michael School will have a resource teacher available to assist students with additional needs. 

If you have concerns regarding your child’s articulation or the educational or behavioral progress of your child, please contact your child’s teacher.  The teacher will work with the resource teacher to initiate the appropriate process for having your child evaluated.  Should your child qualify for Special Education services through LPS, those services will be provided at Saint Michael School.  If you live outside of the Lincoln Public School District, special arrangements will need to be made.


Marauders Achievement Program (M.A.P.)

The St. Michael School faculty recognizes that students with exceptional academic abilities have a need for educational services which are consistent with their ability levels and learning characteristics.  To fulfill this need, the St. Michael Marauders Achievement Program will make available to them learning opportunities designed to:

  • Help develop high levels of knowledge and skills in their area(s) of competence at rates of learning commensurate with their abilities.
  • Provide an environment and develop skills for student self-directed learning.
  • Help develop skills needed for in-depth study of topics, ideas, and issues.
  • Learn, co-operate, and interact with others of similar abilities.
  • Help develop the skills necessary to function in groups in leadership and support roles.
  • Help understand and use their God-given abilities in meaningful and productive ways.

Placement in the Marauders Achievement Program involves careful consideration of the whole student. This includes factors of cognition, achievement and personal application.  All factors are considered carefully when making recommendations for placement of individual students.