Extracurricular Activities

Sports Program

St. Michael School is part of the Lincoln Catholic Schools League.  The Catholic League is organized and supervised by a select committee made up of pastors, principals and athletic directors from each of the member schools.  Rules and regulations are written by this committee.  All member schools are responsible for adhering to the rules.  Interscholastic sports are not played, nor are they counted, in the scheduled instructional program day. Schedules of games can be found at www.cysi.org.

The goal of the St. Michael School sports program are to teach students health habits, sportsmanship, skills, and self-discipline. The sports program is organized by the physical education teacher, under supervision of the principal.  There is a fee per student, per sport to defray the cost of uniforms, equipment, etc.  In order for the student to participate in athletics, the student must have a current physical on file and maintain a satisfactory academic standing. 

A concussion information sheet is sent out to each behave properly during school and must obey the training rules laid out by the coaches. 

The following sports are offered through this program:

  •    7-8 boys Basketball
  •    7-8 girls Basketball
  •    7-8 boys Track       
  •    7-8 girls Track
  •    7-8 boys and girls Cross Country
  •    7-8 girls Volleyball


Student Council

St. Michael’s Student Council provides leadership opportunities for interested students. Student Council members represent the student body and the school.  Members respond to student issues and create student activities that promote enthusiasm and school spirit, building a community where each student is valued and respected. Student Council members work with students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators to develop and achieve goals to benefit St. Michael School.

Page One

Page One is an extracurricular reading program that focuses on getting students to read different types of literature, read for enjoyment, and to identify themselves as readers.  Offered to students in grades 3 through 8 grade.  Reading lists can  be found on the Page One website. Page One hosts a Fun Day in March and an annual competition in April.  St. Michael School participation is dependent on parent sponsors.

Registration form can be found here.