St. Michael Chess Club 2018-19
1st Semester (Sept 5- Dec 12)

Moderator: Chuck Bixenmann
Ages: K – 8th grade students
When and where: 3:30-4:30 pm Wednesdays in the school library.
Cost: $15.00/semester per student. Checks payable to St. Michael for materials and supplies. Registration and payment may be turned in to the school office.
Feel free to bring your own chess set, but you do not need to.
My Son/ daughter (name) ____________________________ grade _______ has permission to join the Chess Club at St. Michael.
I have included $15.00 fee (Checks payable to St. Michael) _______
Parent or guardian ________________________________
Email address: ___________________________________
______ Check here if you are interested in being a Chess Club helper. No experience necessary. Great opportunity for high school service hours!
Questions: Chuck Bixenmann – 402-499-9928 or