Lunch Program/Prices - St. Michael School, provides a daily hot lunch program to all-day Pre-K-8th grade students. A monthly lunch menu is posted online l prior to the beginning of each month. Milk (1%, and skim chocolate) is included with the hot lunch. Students may purchase a hot meal (and seconds and/or an extra drink) through the use of the lunch computer system. Parents are welcome to join their child/ren for lunch, please call ahead by 9:30 to inform us that you will be eating at our cafeteria. Milk is also available for those students bringing lunch from home by using the computer system or paying cash. Prices for hot lunch, seconds and drinks are listed below. 

Ala Carte is offered to 6th-8th Grade students only. This is available to them after their regular lunch is consumed.

Lunch Item Price

Student Hot Lunch $2.75

Adult Hot Lunch $3.50

Milk .40

Second Entree $1.25

Entree/Sandwich $1.25

Second Fruit .50

Bread .35

Lunch Account
- ID Number: Each student is assigned a four-digit number to keypunch when going through the lunch line.
- Deposits: Lunch account deposits should be made the first week of school in order to establish a positive balance. The amount you initially deposit is at your discretion. Please make deposits throughout the year as needed, making sure to keep a positive balance at all times. When replenishing your account please take into account the price of lunches, seconds and milk (see chart above). Please make sure your check is enough to carry a positive balance for more than one week. All balances left in your account at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next year. Please send all lunch checks to the school office in an envelope marked “SCHOOL LUNCH” and indicate the student's lunch number in the lower left hand corner of the check. Make checks payable to St. Michael School. Thank you for your attention and cooperation in keeping all lunch accounts at a positive balance. This allows us to be able to pay our hot lunch bills to our vendors each month.

- Parents also have the option of making pre-payments for lunch using a site called My Lunch Money. If you would like to utilize this option, you would go to their website, and set up an account for your student/s. You are able to pay through credit card, or you can send a check into the office and we will put the requested amount into your account. You will need your student’s ID number in order to set up this account. If you have it from the previous year that one will still be good, they don’t change from year to year. Please call the school office for that number if you need it.

Free and Reduced Lunch:

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