PowerSchool Parent Portals

PowerSchool Parent Portals

Please see the following message from the Diocese Education Technology department, sent on 8/16/2018

"Parent Accounts:

We have a ticket in with PSL support and we are working to get the Parent Accounts setup as soon as possible. At this time parents do not have access. We found that the connection between PSL and PowerSchool SIS does not pass the password from PowerSchool, only the username. Therefore, we have all of our current PowerSchool parent usernames, but no passwords. We are working to resolve the issue with PowerSchool support.

How will parents get an account?

Parents will still need to setup their parent account via PowerSchool SIS. If the school has not shared this information then the parents won’t have access to PSL. This is a local school decision.

Once parents have created their account and linked their children to the account the parent username will be passed from PowerSchool SIS to PSL."


We will let you know as soon as this changes! We are excited and eager to show you new features within PowerSchool once these accounts are back up and running.  Thank you for your patience and mercy.