Dress Code


School uniforms are important for a number of reasons.  As part of the Catholic school tradition, uniforms help to create a Catholic identity.  Uniforms, which distinguish school clothes from play clothes, have been connected to better academic and behavioral performance.  They help to eliminate the pressure of wearing the right brands or fashions, and can lead young people to realize that their value and worth comes from being children of God, rather than from what they wear or look like.  Uniforms provide parents the advantage of lower cost for school clothing and eliminate daily battles and struggles over what clothes children will wear to school, especially in a time when fashions have become increasingly more immodest.  Saint Michael School students in kindergarten through eighth grade are expected to adhere to the dress code as outlined below. The administration reserves the right to make discretionary judgments regarding appropriateness of student dress/fashion not explicitly covered by this dress code.

Girls Uniform:

-Plaid jumper (K-4) or skirt (5-8).

-Length must be no shorter than two fingers above the knee.

-Skirts are to be worn at the waist and are not to be rolled to shorten length.

-Shorts are to be worn under the uniform.

Boys and Girls Pants:

-Khaki (must be purchased through uniform store) and Black twill straight leg pant (no flare legs, no low rise, no slits in hem, no extra pockets, no fancy stitching)

-Pants are not to be baggy, saggy or tight.  No skinny pants

-Black pants can be bought at a store of your choice as long as they comply with the rules above.

-Khaki pants must be bought though the uniform store.

Shorts and Skorts:

-Khaki and Black uniform walking shorts (purchased through uniform store only).

-Khaki skorts – average length.  

-May be worn August through October 31, and March 1 through May.

-No lower than knee length, no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

-Shorts should be neither tight-fitting nor baggy and must be worn at the waist.

Belts (optional):

-Belts, if worn, are to be solid black, white, or brown (no decorations).  No cloth belts or colored belts.


-White, Black, or Red -   Red shirts must be purchased from the uniform store.

-White, black, and red banded polos may be worn by the K-8th grade students.

-Polo or oxford (long or short sleeves).

-White or Black turtleneck.

-Girls - blouse (plain white, no lace or ruffles on collar, no cap sleeves).

-No logos

-Not oversized.

-Shirts need to be buttoned (except for the collar button).

-Anything worn under the uniform shirt must be either solid white or black undershirts, black undershirt can only be worn underneath the black or red polo; no words, colors, pictures, logos or print.

-No long sleeve undershirts underneath short sleeve polos

-Shirts and blouses are to be tucked in at all times so that belt loops or waistbands can be seen.  Banded polos do not need to be tucked in, but t-shirts underneath them do.


-Cardigan sweaters can be plain white or black button up, no zippers.  Students can wear these during the day as long as they are plain, no embellishments.  

-Sweatshirts need to be solid black, red or white crewneck only.

-Spirit wear sweatshirts that are crewnecks, can be worn to school during the day,

-No Hoodies, including the spirit wear hoodie can be worn during the school day.

-¼  zip St. Michael fleece or sweatshirt may be worn during the day as part of the uniform

-All jackets, coats, and outerwear need to be taken off during the school day.  

-Any other jackets or sweatshirts may be worn to and from school and at recess only

-Shoes and socks/stockings/leggings: Shoes should be comfortable footwear.  Dress, tennis, loafer, and sports shoes are acceptable examples.  Socks must be worn with sandals.

-Boots can be worn but we encourage bringing other footwear to change into during the school day.  Boots with glitter or sequins are not able to be worn during the school day. Extreme styles in boots are not allowed.

-Extreme designs in footwear are not allowed and are left to the discretion of the administrator.

-Socks – need to be solid white or black but can have a small logo on the sock.  Socks need to match and must be able to be seen by the teacher. No blocks up the back (Elite), stripes, or other embellishments on the socks are allowed.  

-Girls may also wear black or white leggings under the uniform skirt/jumper in cold weather (school pants, capris and dance pants are not allowed under the uniform skirt/jumper).  Leggings are tight-fitting, ankle length (no capri length) leg coverings (basically, stockings without feet). Leg coverings that are loose fitting, fall below the ankle and/or flare at the bottom are considered pants, not leggings.  Leggings need to go all the way to the ankle.

Gym Attire:

ALL GRADES: Shoes appropriate for a gym floor (tennis shoes, running shoes, etc.).

5- 8th graders - Appropriate gym attire can be worn during P.E. All shirts must have sleeves and cover the midsection of the body, and all shorts must be an appropriate length and not tight fitting. If there is writing on the shirts, it must be minimal and appropriate. Students will decide if they want to take the time to change out for P.E.  The P.E. teacher will discern level of appropriateness and will inform the student if there is an issue. In the case of repeated offense, a dress code violation note will be sent home with students and/or parents will be contacted. Tennis shoes must be worn in order to participate in P.E.

Gym t-shirts are not to be tied at the back to shorten them up.  


-Hair must be well groomed.  Extremes in hair styles/colors are unacceptable.

-Wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions are not allowed.

-Boys’ hair should not touch the eyebrows in the front or the collar in the back.  Sideburns and hair covering the ear should be no longer than halfway down the ear on the sides.  Boys must be clean shaven (no facial hair).

-Girls’ hair should be kept out of the eyes.  Girls may wear simple hair accessories.

-Hats, bandanas, head scarves are not permitted.

Makeup and Jewelry:

-Makeup is not permitted.   Clear or pale pink nail polish is permitted.  French tips on nails are permitted as well.

-Jewelry permitted: Wristwatch (No smartwatches or FitBits), religious medal pinned to uniform or worn with simple chain, religious pins.

-Girls may wear small earrings, one on each earlobe.  For safety reasons, they may not wear hoops, dangles or earrings that hang below the earlobe.  Boys may not wear earrings.

-Girls and boys are not permitted to wear bracelets. 

Other Points:

-Uniforms should be neat, clean and mended (when necessary).  Clothing with holes should be replaced. It would be best to have at least two uniforms in order that the child may always comply with the uniform regulations.

-All clothing should be marked with the child's name.

-Students may not wear tattoos or draw on their skin.

-Scout and Brownie uniforms may only be worn on troop meeting days.


No Uniform Days:  Students must follow the guidelines below for No Uniform days:

Pants: Dress pants, khakis, capris (mid-calf length), overalls, loose knit slacks, colored jeans, blue jeans may be worn.  Pants not permitted include:

Baggy or saggy pants

Pants, jeans or capris that are frayed, faded, multi-bleached, or that have holes or rips.

Sweatpants, nylon warm-up suits/pants, and gym clothes.

Stretch pants and stirrup pants that are skin tight  

Skirts/Dresses: Skirts/split skirts and dresses may be worn and are to reach just above the knee. 

Shirts/Blouses - Shirts must be modest - long enough to sufficiently cover the midriff and no low-cut necklines.  No off the shoulder shirts may be worn, even with another shirt underneath it. Tank tops and sleeveless tops are not allowed.  Shirts must be neat and clean. Clothing that is offensive, immoral or otherwise inappropriate in a Catholic school environment is not acceptable.

Shorts: Shorts, other than the school uniform short, may be worn as long as they are walking shorts, or dress shorts. They must be an appropriate length. No shorter than two inches above the knee. No spandex shorts are allowed. 

Shoes and Socks: Socks (or tights) must be worn with all sandals. For safety reasons, heels higher than two inches are not permitted.

Jewelry and makeup: Uniform regulations remain in effect.